6 Rules to Punctuate Your Business Meeting

6 Rules to Punctuate Your Business Meeting

In negotiations, silence is golden! Don’t get caught up in a flood of words: at all stages of a commercial negotiation, silence is golden. But managing the blanks during a discussion can be learned… In a sales interview, the salesperson often monopolizes the floor while the customer is reduced to silence. However, this way of proceeding constitutes a gross strategic error. Indeed, the seller who lets his interlocutor express his wishes is much more likely to win the piece than the one who listens to himself speak. He will tell you the points on which you will have to insist during your argument. Knowing how to be silent is not self-evident as, in our culture, moments of silence are frightening and generate discomfort.

At First These Moments Will Seem Endless

Very quickly, fortunately, this attitude will become natural and will bear fruit. 2/ Take an interest in your customer! The commercial relationship is above all an interpersonal relationship. It is always easier to work with a pleasant person who inspires confidence. It is therefore sometimes Advertising Agency Mailing List preferable to take the time to get to know the interlocutor, to understand his professional and personal situation. To create a link with the interlocutor is to envisage a long-term relationship. Before taking an interest in the professional, it is fashionable to take an interest in the person.

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What Were the Consequences for You

It is essential to reformulate the questions or objections of the interlocutor. This technique demonstrates to the prospect that you have fully understood their request and that their questions are relevant. 4/ No question of cutting like a parrot! Now that it’s up to you to promote your product or ATB Directory your service, and even if you know your catalog like the back of your hand, there’s no question of parroting your pitch like a parrot. Use the silences to give rhythm to your speech. In a classic conversation, we breathe in on average every fifteen to twenty words. Impelling yourself more breaths allows you to emphasize the important elements of a speech. In your demonstration, pause before the word you want to emphasize: “Our products are guaranteed mentally count to two.


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