In Times of Social Networking Is It Still Worth Having a Blog in 2021

In Times of Social Networking Is It Still Worth Having a Blog in 2021

In times of predominance of social networks, many professionals argue. That the future of the internet comes down to facebook, instagram and tik tok, among. Other networks. But it’s still worth investing in. A blog in 2021 because it can be decisive in sales and investments needed. To have a return on paid campaigns. When the web empowered anyone to publish their content. Blogs became popular and paved the way for the first digital influencers. Over time, this universe invaded the marketing strategies of companies, which sought visibility and also to retain their customers. The big problem is that most content productions on corporate blogs were done without any strategy and, consequently, did not bring effective results for companies. However, companies that created relevant publications were able to attract visitors to Google’s organic search, thereby building their authority and achieving their marketing and sales objectives.

Gain Traffic and Conversion

With the rise of social networks, the famous influencers of blogs migrated to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, more recently, Tik Tok. On the corporate side, companies have also found their audience on new platforms, and many have left blogs aside. However, one channel does not exclude the other. While social networks are great for relationships, blogging is very effective in generating traffic, authority and improving your position on Google Canada WhatsApp Number Data to attract more visitors. But, if you still have doubts and believe that having Facebook and Tik Tok are enough, this article is for you! Read on and understand the importance of blogging for digital marketing strategies. What is a blog? A blog is a website or part of a website that contains frequently updated content on one or several topics.

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Have an Exclusive and Personalized Channel

The blog is like physical space. In it, you can make the layout you want, defining visual elements that have a connection with your brand. The content of a blog is written in the form of articles on individual pages called blog posts. The article you are reading is an example. On the home page of a blog, you will find a list of posts that have already been made, in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest. It’s the flawless combination of layout and ATB Directory relevant content that will retain and attract new visitors. What is the difference between website and blog? When blogs emerged a few years ago, the concepts were well defined. While the site was an institutional and static page, the blog functioned more as a platform for publishing content in chronological order.


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