What Is the Right Digital Marketing Budget to Ensure a Good ROI

What Is the Right Digital Marketing Budget to Ensure a Good ROI

Among the many questions that we recurrently clarify to CEOs, Marketing, Sales and Finance Directors of our client companies, this question is one that is on the Podium: How to get the best Digital Marketing budget to get good results ? cta-ebook-what-the-right-budget-of-digital-marketing-made2web If we had to summarize an answer in 15 seconds and a few words, we would tell you that the best budget to work on Digital Marketing is the one that: Allows you to increase your company’s net margin, with the achievement of the commercial objectives outlined; Provides a superior ROI compared to the current channels that your company uses (salespeople, traditional marketing); It perpetuates in the long term the results that your company obtained in the short and medium term. Some of the companies that contact us at Made2Web do not give us a quote.

Being Online Is Having a Digital Business Card

They ask for it, while not indicating the goals… but asking for directions to get there! To create your annual Digital Marketing budget, you must follow two major steps, one internal and the other external. digital-marketing-annual-budget-2 The first step is internal, it must be prepared by your company’s management, which internally calculates an Turkey Phone Number Data approximate amount to invest, based on strategic and business variables, namely: Invoicing and net income for the current year Invoicing and results objectives for the next year Potential internal (HR, for example) and external (competition) changes – Benchmarking Percentage of revenue attributed to Marketing The second step already involves an external entity, your Digital Marketing Agency, and is decisive for the final calculation of the budget for an optimal ROI .

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What Are the Main Problems of Companies Before Investing

At this time, with the data that your company will bring from the previous step, the Agency will be able to, together with you: Setting quarterly marketing objectives Characterize your Buyer Personas Assess your company’s digital footprints (assess the past to predict the future) Identify the main digital actions of your competition and potential results Distribute the Digital Marketing Budget through the best online channels Next, we will analyze the main ATB Directory gaps that companies must fill before starting the Digital Marketing budget process. budget-gaps-in-marketing What are the main problems of companies before investing in Digital Marketing? If your company still ignores the concrete goals it wants to achieve, the values ​​it intends to earn and the fat it will have to lose to leverage new investments – we may be identifying a gap, quite common.


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