Best Practices for a Successful Blog

Best Practices for a Successful Blog

In 2020 the 7th Annual Study on Blogging Statistics came out. This work is the result of collecting and crossing data from more than 1,000 bloggers. With a lot of statistical data and its analysis by world. Experts in content marketing. From the relationship between results and content, we. Were able to draw several conclusions that can be seen as good practices to. Implement in the production and optimization of content for your blog. In this article, we selected. The 8 statistics that we considered most relevant and added our inputs so that. You can develop a successful blog – starting in 2021! 8 Important Statistics About Blogging Française | 1. How long should a blog article be? We start with the note that everything will depend on the type of blog and your specific goals. A news blog should feature shorter posts that peak searches quickly.

What Can’t Be Missing from a Blog Article

While in a blog with educational objectives, the articles are longer and more explanatory, in order to deepen the themes presented, and tend to last over time. However, in the study in question, statistics reveal that the longer the article, the better the result… check Above 1,000 words for sure! The numbers do not surprise us. At Made2Web we always Poland Telegram Number Data defend that a blog article must have over 1,000 words. They are more complete and educational articles for the buyer persona, and end up positioning your company as an opinion leader on a given topic. We also add that in articles over 1,500 words, you can always take advantage and develop another type of content for download, such as, for example, an ebook or a concept guide.

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How Should Blog Articles Be Disseminated

In news blogging you can share 10 articles a day, the same does not apply to other companies. The study says that a higher frequency of publication brings better results. check It depends… but often! The publication frequency must be adapted to your company. However, we believe that publishing at least 1 article per week is a good starting point. The ideal will be to test until you realize what makes the most sense for your business. 3. What content format should a blog article have? Each blog article can be created in many different formats, from ATB Directory opinion pieces. How-to guides, news and many others. Defining the type and structure of the content. To be published will depend on your communication objectives at each moment.


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