A Team and Starting a Business With Better Results

The slideshow thing might have seemed like a practical joke. Every time I pressed, green screen. The common thread (as if there was one) was affected, at least that’s what some thought. Members of Franck’s team apologized, but it was not his fault. They were quite nice to me. It was my fault because, who knows why, he decided to press the wrong button . Of course, until one realized that Victor might be stupid enough to press the exit button instead of the pass button… well, no one told me. Hahaha. But it turned out to be a very beneficial situation for me. Lowering expectations never hurts, right? Ha ha ha. And then people turned to me, which doesn’t hurt either.

Everything was not prepared

I did not press the button on purpose… you will never know . Of course, after the talk everything was good. I had a great time. Thanks again. As you know, in the first chapter of this series ( Why create a team and undertake with less stress and better results ) we put on the executive data table a fairly common situation among new digital entrepreneurs . The situation of leaving “the cliché” in search of a better life and ending “enclichetis until the cliché”. You understand me. In the second chapter ( Understanding the essence of building teams to undertake better and with less stress ), we discuss minimum concepts that we must take into account before making the decision . The important thing about that post was to understand that we must count our happiness and that self-enslavement is not the way to success. And in this, beautiful thing, finally from the Finns.

A Team and We are talking about the

Which are not the only ones but are important, about creating and managing remote teams! It doesn’t mean that you are the coolest or that you come first for yourself ATB Directory and what’s left for others. No, that’s not the point. The thing is about the moment in which you decide to start, from moment 0, from your first day or even from days before when you are already fantasizing about the idea of ​​jumping into the pool, head first and whether to check that you have your swimsuit securely fastened.

At that moment you start thinking about how you are going to organize yourself , what you are going to do. And you start, because it is too early for there to be more people. TRUE? But, even alone, you must see your work as a team effort and adopt absolutely all the measures that you would adopt if you worked with other people . 

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