Are the Profession of Entrepreneur and Actor So Different

Are the Profession of Entrepreneur and Actor So Different

This behavior is not innate, it is not registered in the genes of the leader since his birth. It is sometimes, even very often, a behavior that must be learned, repeated, an assurance that is acquired over time. Should we imagine a businessman working his scales like an actor has to rehearse his role before going on stage? Maybe… Leader and actor: same fight After all, this behavior as a leader of men does not necessarily result from a gift acquired at birth by the company director. It is something he must work on and study, before he can apply this ability in everyday life. The good entrepreneur is not the one who will have an authoritarian behavior in front of his employees, and maintain the same behavior as a principal in his private life. He knows how to differentiate the two worlds to adopt the right behavior.

A Sometimes Necessary Role

In a sense, the entrepreneur is part of an approach similar to that of the actor, who warms up every day, rehearses his texts, enters into the character he is going to play on stage or in front of a camera. This acting performance, which we see once seated in a theater or in front of a film, results from a work of adaptation and reflection in order to be able to adopt the right behavior in front of the camera or the spectator. Curiously, it is clear that the head of Forex Email List the company carries out the same approach in his professional activity, this same work of assimilation of the status that he must be led to embody in front of his collaborators.

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The Risk of Playing Your Role Too Well

One immediately thinks of the tyrannical leader, flooding his collaborators. With more eccentric orders than the others and making their professional lives impossible. It’s all about measurement. Although a parallel can be drawn between the profession of manager and that of actor. It is important. for both of them not to tend to abuse their role in. Order to assert themselves even more than as usual. A lack of naturalness on the part of the leader, behavior ATB Directory that tries to be far too. Authoritarian or far too nice and attentive, can quickly be perceived by employees as a lack of self-confidence. A sometimes necessary role Like actors who sometimes have to ignore their emotions. The entrepreneur sometimes has to put aside his personal feelings.


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