All joking aside funnels automation and lead

All joking aside funnels automation and lead

As a rule, most B2B companies have too few leads to get solid data here. If you have 100,000 users as an online shop in the B2C sector, then you can juggle data wonderfully. If you get a lead every third day, then it will be difficult. I’m not saying that funnels aren’t useful – but you shouldn’t spend too much time on them in the beginning. In the B2B sector, every lead is valuable and qualification usually takes place via sales afterwards. #4 Leads take time – B2B leads take forever! When you start B2B lead generation, it often doesn’t take days until you see the first successes. Not even for weeks. Mostly it is months, often years. Every campaign you start shows its success with a huge time lag. Don’t give up, just try to see the parallels here.

Three months after you started the email campaign

Again, are you suddenly receiving a lot of inquiries? Maybe that was why? What’s particularly tricky is that only three months after the campaign was buried do the inquiries suddenly stop – drawing Singapore WhatsApp Number Data conclusions here really requires a lot of experience. #5 Be careful when tracking users Your campaign starts and despite all the data protection obstacles, you have set up the campaign so perfectly that even four years later you can still find out which e-book the relevant contact finally came from and when they clicked which Google ad. Firstly, unfortunately (see the third point) you have so few data points that you can only ask a shaman to draw conclusions.

Secondly and more importantly, you couldn’t

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Have predicted that after a short research the team assistant printed out your landing page and four of your competitors and placed them on the CEO’s desk. He ticked your box because he found the expression Nigeria Telegram Number and design of the website the most beautiful. The marketing manager simply googled your company and asked because the CEO wanted it that way – without their PC ever downloading one of your e-books. By the way, this story actually happened after a customer was once asked how they found out about one of our customers. Unfortunately, tracking is becoming impossible in the B2B sector. Especially if you adhere to data protection. And – I have to emphasize it again – in the B2B sector you simply don’t have the user base to do proper tracking. Sometimes you only have a double-digit number of users per day. In this case, comparisons from the previous week and other analyzes are simply not tenable.


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