But I also have to be clear I have been in the

But I also have to be clear I have been in the

It tends not to be the better agencies that do cold calling – even if there may be exceptions. How do you assess the work of an SEO agency from the outside? Even for me, as an agency owner with 13 years of experience, it is usually impossible to judge an agency’s performance from the outside. Some agencies have great websites and look great – but don’t really but I also have to work satisfactorily for their customers. Other agencies have a terrible website themselves but do top-notch work on clients. Of course there are also great agencies with great websites and so on. The range here is incredibly high and I personally only. Hear something here and there from former customers or other “gossip” from the industry.

I too am sometimes surprised and often

Have to adjust my opinion of agencies I know, both positively and negatively. What makes matters worse is that the quality UAE Phone Number Data of an agency’s work can change over the years. The XY agency was great in 2015 with 10 employees. But a few years later with 50 employees, the way we work has changed significantly. Increasing the size can also lead to a better way of working and reducing the size can also worsen the quality – depending on the individual case. Unfortunately, you can only judge the cooperation with your agency once you work with them. Even then, even in the best relationship, there will probably always be ups and downs and a lot depends on you and your expectations. This makes it all the more important to “check out” the agency beforehand and see what the collaboration could look like.

Of course there can still be problems afterwards

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But the probability is reduced. By the way, a good agency will do the same with you as a customer in advance and reject many requests. It can be good for both sides to agree on a kind of “trial period” with a special Turkey Phone Number List possibility of termination. Objective evaluation criteria People like it when they can evaluate services or products using the simplest possible key figure. Below I will go into all the objective. And supposedly objective – evaluation criteria that can be used to evaluate an agency. SEO agency certifications. The SEO quality certificate from the Federal Association of the. Digital Economy (BVDW EV) There is only one really meaningful and independent SEO certification in Germany. The SEO quality certificate from the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW EV) . Which actually checks the quality of an agency’s work.


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