Hello Dr Neveu’s Office Am I Listening

Hello Dr Neveu’s Office Am I Listening

It does not take 24 hours in Le Mans to discover that Pierre-Luc Neveu did well to abandon the profession of chartered accountant or auditor for which his studies destined him. Passionate about independence and concern for a job well done, he has made his company a real multi-service platform to help SMEs (domiciliation, telephone reception, outsourced bpo) and has created in Madagascar the reference partner of the largest French actors of the deported switchboard. The 24 hours at Le Mans Report at PLN, the man who hid, in Madagascar and Le Mans, some well-kept secrets of the hotline… Making an appointment, as we have seen with Doctolib, can be vital for a country or for a patient wishing to find a niche very quickly to consult a doctor.

I Owe My Success in Madagascar

At Médiphone Téléservices, it is all the benefits and services that are used to launch a business administratively that can be run: domiciliation, telephone reception, enveloping, computer entry, etc. The difficult beginnings, the bank often calls In-Contact: How and why did you come to create Médiphone, who are you? Pierre-Luc Neveu: I am originally from Brittany and arrived in Le Mans to study management there. At the IUT GEA in 1983, after Switzerland phone number list which I continued with a master’s degree in management. I intended to become a chartered accountant and then I joined a large Parisian audit firm, Guérard Viala. Which has since been taken over by Mazars. I discovered in myself a very relative passion for stacks of bills to be shuffled and scrutinized 12 hours a day during intense periods as well as for Parisian life.

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Doctolib Did Not Destroy the Need for a 1st Call

I had the opportunity to go to Madagascar on vacation. Previously, in college, I had gone out with a Malagasy friend. Hence my discovery of the island. I then got to know a country 10,000 km away from France but where. Part of the population is perfectly French-speaking. So here I am, a specialist in relocated seizure, and it’s already a total war on prices. Our premises ATB Directory are in the city center, near the Sakamanga. A trusted management team that is still in place 25 years later! Doctolib did not destroy the need for a 1st call Part of your clientele. At Médiphone is made up of doctors, whereas does Doctolib exist? Yes, because some patients continue to call to make. An appointment like the elderly or people living in the countryside where it is still a habit.


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