Social Selling Guidehow to Measure and Analyze Results

Social Selling Guidehow to Measure and Analyze Results

There are those who believe that Social Selling is nothing more than selling through Social Networks. If you’ve already read this article , you know very well that this idea is nothing more than a myth and that a Social Selling Strategy goes far beyond that. Social Selling uses Social Networks to look for prospects and interact with them in order to deepen their connection to the brand. Based on the relationship of trust that Social Selling allows to build, the sales process is then made easier. The results it allows to achieve make Social Selling a strategy increasingly implemented by companies that want to increase their sales and profits. Regardless of the actions chosen and how they are implemented, measuring and analyzing results is always important to keep your Social Selling Strategy on track and aligned with your goals.

How to Improve the Indicators

Social Selling: The importance of measuring resultssocial-selling-the-importance-of-measuring-results A properly implemented Social Selling Strategy can bring multiple advantages. However, its effects and benefits can only be quantified and optimized if results are measured and evaluated. For this, it is necessary to define objectives and metrics Mexico Telegram Number Data that allow the monitoring of these results in each of the digital platforms used. LinkedIn, for example, provides a set of tools and data that make this analysis much easier. Although all accounts on this Network have access to this information, not everyone knows how to take advantage of these features. How to measure strategy success on Linkedin For your Social Selling Strategy on Linkedin to be successful, there are some metrics that you can analyze and improve.

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The Importance of Interactions

SSI (Social Selling Index) What is it? The Social Selling Index, or SSI, is one of the most effective metrics to quickly evaluate the results of the efforts applied in your Social Selling Strategy on Linkedin. Each account has its own SSI and you can check yours by clicking here . You will have access to your current Social Selling Index, a set of data and indicators and also some. Suggestions for actions to improve them. the 4 pillars Your Social Selling Index is ATB Directory determined. Combining data from 4 indicators, frequently analyzed by linkedin. It is the following 4 pillars that determine your overall score. The ssi. Social-selling-guide-4-how-to-measure-and-analyze-results-4-pillars-of-social-selling-index. Establish your professional brand; find the right people; interact offering insights. Create relationships. Quickly, through an analysis of the graphs of each pillar. You can see which achieves the worst results and invest in its improvement.


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