The Metaverse as an E-Commerce and Events Strategy

The Metaverse as an E-Commerce and Events Strategy

The metaverse consists of using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to create three-dimensional digital environments that allow users to explore and interact. There are several business areas that already take advantage of the metaverse, either to generate more sales or to increase brand loyalty. Next, we will explore in greater detail how the metaverse is at the service of companies, especially those with E-commerce and those that organize events. The applications of the metaverse in the digital communication and promotion of companies The virtual world of the metaverse can be used in countless ways in different industries, such as: E-commerce; Events; Entertainment; Advertising. Today we are going to talk about the first two: the metaverse at the service of ecommerce and events.

The Metaverse in Events and Formations

The metaverse in e-commerce: the new shopping experience If you have an online store, it’s time to know that the metaverse allows the buying and selling of virtual goods such as NFTs and the creation of virtual service economies, thanks to the advancement in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies . In this context, it is interesting to know not only the oldest cryptocurrency project in the metaverse – Decentraland, but also Sandbox, the Iran WhatsApp Number Data second largest. In both, users (which, in this specific case, are brands or companies) can create, buy, sell and monetize any type of virtual assets. The example of Gucci Vault Land in the Sandbox is quite explanatory. e-commerce-gucci-the-metaverse-revolutionizes-the-digital-communication-of-e-commerce-and-events-companies-made2web Source:e-commerce-gucci-the-metaverse-revolutionizes-the-digital-communication-of-e-commerce-and-events-companies-made2web-2 Source: What about the interaction of the physical world with the virtual? With the help of the metaverse your online store gives your users new 3D experiences.

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What About the Interaction of the Physical World with the Virtual

This 3D experience is realistic and provides a totally immersive interaction with the products, when visiting showrooms , while viewing virtual fashion shows or when wearing clothes in “virtual fitting rooms”. In other words, it’s as if your customers were physically in your store, but with the advantage of not having to travel and being in the comfort of their homes. The 24/7 availability of its products, now associated with its almost real experimentation, increases confidence in the product, accelerates decision-making and increases satisfaction. That’s why fashion stores like Zara, H&M, ASOS or TopShop have made use of the metaverse in their ATB Directory online stores, through augmented reality. Pictofit We have already talked about Pictofit as a useful software for stores/companies that sell products.


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