Try to get a sneak peek at an

Try to get a sneak peek at an

We don’t have enough time beyond a quick glance at something, but when used correctly, these glimpses can spark enough interest in consumers to make them want to learn more. upcoming product, service or content announcement, or take a quick behind-the-scenes look at a company. Make it fun, interesting, and unique and you have a good chance of viral success. shows the process. at work! Can you draw as fast as she can? Art Video Posted MM yyyy pm PDT Every business has some process that its employees or customers must go through in order to perform or use its services or products.

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is a fun and compelling way to showcase your process. It creates accelerated time-lapse videos that used to require premium equipment, and saves videos to your phone’s camera roll. Imagine watching a surgery take place, or an identity theft prevented, or a product being Turkey Phone Number List assembled or used, in ultra-fast time-lapse video. Showing potential customers what to expect when doing business with you in a fun way is a great way to guide them through the sales funnel. Some tips for success: Remember that will crop your video to a square format, so your best bet is to shoot vertically with your phone.

You can shoot up to minutes

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of video on , which is great if you post it on your website. However, if you’re posting a video on , you need to keep your video to minutes or less. This way, it complies with the ATB Directory seconds time limit of . Suitable for heavy work. If you want to make videos that go beyond a quick tour or show a process, then is the best option for you. Videos can be easily embedded in social media posts and can be informative, illustrative or just make people laugh. Even though these videos may be longer, the seconds still count. First seconds to be precise. According to research by , of viewers click away from a video in seconds or less.


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