Video Guide Vidyard Video Creation and Sharing Platform

Video Guide Vidyard Video Creation and Sharing Platform

Video is a communication tool increasingly used by companies, with applications in areas as diverse as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and even training and internal and external communication of organizations. Consumer preference for video has steadily increased over the last few years. In 2020 people watched 16 hours of video content a week. This represents an increase of 52% compared to 2018. Source: Wyzowl Its growing popularity combined with the drive of digital transformation in companies make video an increasingly attractive format. To meet the huge demand, there are now several platforms that make it possible to create, publish and share videos. Vidyard stands out for being one of the most complete and intuitive tools to start using video in a simple and fast way. cta-download-guide-video What is Vidyard?logo-vidyard Vidyard is a platform that serves to easily create and distribute any type of video.

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According to your objectives, you can record videos for Marketing, Sales, Support or for training or internal communication. After the creation phase, your video is ready to be shared wherever you want. You can embed it on your website, Landing Pages, blog articles, emails. Social Networks, just use the link or code available to do so. Using Vidyard to create, manage and share video content helps companies increase qualified leads, generate France Telegram Number Data new customers and improve their communication, both internally and externally. In addition to all this, as it allows videos to be indexed, Vidyard also helps to improve your brand’s visibility in search engines. Vidyard Vs Youtubevideo-guide-6-vidyard-platform-for-creation-and-sharing-videos-vs-youtube Can we say that Vidyard is equivalent to Youtube? No, since their purposes are very different.

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While Youtube is a Social Network dedicated to sharing video content, Vidyard is the platform that allows you to manage and create videos before sharing them, on this or other Networks. Vidyard Vs Vimeovideo-guide-6-vidyard-video-creation-and-video-sharing-platform-vs-vimeo Comparing Vidyard to Vimeo, we found that each platform’s focus and value offering are different. Although both allow hosting and sharing videos, Vidyard is aimed ATB Directory at all areas of the business: Marketing, Sales, Support and Human Resources. Vimeo, on the other hand, is more focused on Marketing teams, so it is not as comprehensive. Advantages of Vidyard It is a user-friendly platform. Vidyard is designed for the user, accompanying him step by step in the creation of videos. Suggestions will be presented so that each video reaches a good performance.


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