Google Analytics 4 What is it and what changes

Google Analytics 4 What is it and what changes

Google has released a new version of Google Analytics, the already known Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which is not surprising since Google prides itself on updating its tools regularly. But what is putting the internet on edge is that the current version of Google Analytics – Universal Analytics (UA) will stop processing data from July 2023, meaning you have less than a year to: correctly configure the GA4; start collecting data; and become an expert in its use. This is especially important because not only are the 2 versions very different from each other, but there is no data migration. Worried? We help clarify everything.

Google Analytics Configuration 4

Google Analytics Configuration 4 This version of GA requires a complete new parameterization of the tool: Creation of the property; Insertion of the code on the website; Parameterization of specific events; Parameterization of conversions; Connection to other platforms; E-commerce configuration in the case of an online store; Parameterization of Japan WhatsApp Number Data Audiences. It is important to configure this version as soon as possible so that you can have enough history until July 2023, as data from the UA version will not be migrated to this new version. Now that you know the essential steps for parameterizing the new version of Google Analytics, let’s understand its advantages and the main differences compared to the current version.

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Differences Between GA4 and Universal Analytics

What is Google Analytics 4 and what are its advantages? GA4 is the latest version of google analytics and was developed with the future in mind. Changes in data measurement with the entry into force of the gdpr. Compared to the universal analytics version, we can highlight. The following main advantages: combining data from both the website and apps. On the same property; google analytics 4 – the future of web tracking & analytics source: google use. Of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help brands extract even more ATB Directory value From data, allowing better performance of the marketing actions developed. Measurement,thus focusing more on the user and their interactions rather than sessions. Automatic measurement of certain common events such as page views. Scrolling, file downloads and video views.


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