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Viewers who might not be interested enough to click on the video but don’t want to miss out on the live broadcast. Run a contest or giveaway.  been a back-up for marketing, but doing it live-streamed rather than other digital means can generate more interest. While you can easily do this by simply asking participants to comment on your stream, you can increase your engagement by making the contest more than just a chance. For example, ask a trivia or industry-related question, or ask the audience to find out what you walked by minutes ago.

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fun and skill will help increase viewer enjoyment of your live stream, which will help you retain existing viewers and gain new ones. Moderated Q&A. Live streaming is the perfect way to host a Q&A session. To increase the quantity and quality of participation, For example, ask a trivia or Bahamas Phone Number List industry-related question, or ask the audience to find out what you walked by minutes ago. choose a Q&A topic rather than inviting any questions. This will help guide the meeting. Let the audience ask their questions, and then do your best to answer as many of them as possible.

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should give short, two-sentence answers to all questions, but you don’t want a few participants monopolizing the conversation. If someone brings up a question worth digging into, please consider making it the subject of a separate live session. One of the benefits of a live Q&A is that it ATB Directory gives fans a sense of connection with your brand. If you’ve ever been in a Q&A with someone you admire, you know what it’s like: It’s as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with that person, even if you’re just one of hundreds of them. room (or in a live stream, it might be.

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