As a Digital Marketing Agency We Are Always Looking

As a Digital Marketing Agency We Are Always Looking

For new tools to help our clients surprise their users. We believe that in this way, it will be easier for them to achieve their business objectives, which normally involves attracting new leads and obtaining customers. The general public is increasingly oriented to communicate on a day-to-day basis through digital channels. This trend manifests itself, for example, in the adoption of various digital tools, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, among others, to the detriment of the traditional telephone call. Phone contacts vs messengers and bots. Who win? The study carried out in 2020 by bankmycell with 1,200 millennials (ages between 22-37 years old), confirmed. The trend mentioned above, concluding that the new generations of consumers. Are not willing to waste time on telephone calls.

Phone Contacts Vs Messengers and Bots Who Win

We highlight, for example, the negative perception of the consumption of time that. The telephone call requires: study-bankmycell source: “Why millennials hate talking on the phone”, bankmycell, 2020 81% of. Millennials who responded to the survey feel that it takes a good deal of courage. To be able to make a phone call. Study-bankmycell-anxiety-when-making-call source: “Why millennials hate talking on the phone”, bankmycell, 2020 are we evolving. Towards a more timid society with less interpersonal skills? In a society that appears to have Iran Phone Number Data individuals With poor relational skills, how will companies, which depend on personal interaction. With their prospects and customers, succeed commercially? Thanks to studies like the one mentioned above, the most attentive. Companies can positively surprise their users, leads and customers, with new forms of. Digital communication, considered less intrusive, and that “Steal” less time from the interlocutors.

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Chatbots Quizzes And Simulators You Should Really Know About

Good examples are Chatbots, Quizzes and Simulators, which respond immediately (24h/7) to user questions without having to resort to an operator. How to captivate the attention of younger generations on digital, through Chatbots, Quizzes and Simulators? Communicating via Chatbot, Quizz or Online Simulator can be an excellent strategy to help different areas of companies : marketing, sales or services. The form they take always depends on the creativity and purpose of the company and can help to: Give users a more dynamic experience by instantly ATB Directory answering their questions. Respond to repetitive and frequently asked questions through automation. Guide users to the right place. As we mentioned, one of the great benefits of these tools is that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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