Headless CMS What Is It and What Are Its Advantages

Headless CMS What Is It and What Are Its Advantages

Headless CMS emerges as a response to the need to improve and make content management, storage and presentation more flexible. If today we resort to a multitude of digital platforms and channels, it is important that the user experience is not impaired by this diversity. Building or developing a website with a Headless CMS allows you to maximize its performance and functionality. The maturation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed a greater digital connection of our everyday objects with the Internet. The emergence of devices such as smartwatches and smartphones, for example, as well as new programming technologies, has meant that traditional CMS (Content Management System) systems are no longer able to respond to this constant technological evolution.

Benefits of Headless CMS

It is here that a new paradigm emerges in content management and in the way companies approach their communication channels, through a Headless architecture. Headless CMS: What is it? To address the Headless CMS, it is important to frame how content management worked in the traditional CMS. Traditional CMS The traditional CMS is based on a monolithic system, in which everything is “stuck”. Both your database and layout systems Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data only communicate with each other. As they work with a structure of their own, they cannot be “recycled” and used for other channels, meaning that all information has to be constantly replicated. This wastes time with repetitive tasks, making maintenance difficult and increasing the possibility of errors. Additionally, the traditional CMS is too heavy, hampering the performance of websites and their performance in terms of SEO.

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Headless CMS What Is It

Created on a website, all content formats (text, image and video) were. Developed in a single and fixed structure. Thus, the creation, management, storage and presentation of this content were inseparable. Making it difficult to adapt if the digital channel changed. Headless cms the term “headless” comes from the concept. Of separating the “head” (the interface of the website or another channel) from. The repository where the contents to be presented are. Cms-headless-made2web a headless CMS makes it possible to manage ATB Directory and present information on any device, since the basic contents are independent of the presentation interface. In this way, the content manager can deliver content quickly. In a structured way through a webservice / API on any device. This system allows you to gain freedom to completely customize the backoffice.


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