At Noon Or P M On The Professional Social Network

At Noon Or P M On The Professional Social Network

Twitter is mainly used in B2B, and still absent from the rankings, we note that Instagram is gaining ground, establishing itself as a very visual and useful means of communication for promoting goods! Social networks and real estate: but for what purpose? Real estate professionals primarily use social networks to develop their network, as well as to inform (and learn about) the sector. The sharing of expertise is also important and represents 41% of the sample, and finally, the search for clients.

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Partners is also gaining ground with 26% (+7 points compared to 2016). What types of content are published? A majority of professionals whatsapp mobile number list seem to favor the publication of texts and images, while the publication of videos seems to be less widespread for the moment (33%). On the other hand, they use social networks for the third party as a direct messaging service, and are finally a minority to declare that they use sponsorship on social networks. And while the image is asserting itself as a major issue in real estate communication.

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The remarkable appearance of new formats such as live or 360° video in the sector. Demonstrates an even more radical digital transformation ATB Directory of the real estate professions. And for social selling? In the commercial sequence, 77% of respondents. Believe that the most favorable and relevant time to use social networks is before the transaction. Thus, this vector can be useful for influencing, and playing on the notoriety and visibility of goods. Half, however, agree that the counterpart and endorsement of prospecting are just as conducive to the use of social networks, to carry out follow-up and follow-up work, but also to maintain the relationship with the customer and offer practical and rapid after-sales service.


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