Exclusive Content Whether you’re lauing

Exclusive Content Whether you’re lauing

Marketing Tips That Won’t Disappear After Seconds By Shama Hyde Category Social Media Marketing Posted On Jun 20 2019 Share In the world of social media, marketing may not get as much attention as and . But with over 10,000 video views per day, the importance of this unique sharing app to your brand becomes apparent. Having said that, how can brands get the most out of apps like this? Deliver nch a new lipstick or a new video, marketing can offer your brand the opportunity to share your upcoming exclusive content with your target audience.

You can do this by sharing

a sneak peek or a quick behind-the-scenes video. This works great for your brand for two different reasons. One, viewers feel treated when they see something that the general public doesn’t see. Second, you can get excited about product launches, whether Share Promo Codes and In-Store Sales Because it allows you to share ephemeral photos and videos with your audience, it’s the perfect place to offer Sweden Phone Number List occasional promo codes to loyal customers. At the simplest level, this can be done by adding text over photos of your branded productsphysical or digital. Live Events We previously discussed the growing importance of live video to online marketing strategies. A unique opportunity for businesses to broadcast short videos of anything they can think of.

Do you have a production

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warehouse on site? Show your customers how their favorite products are made every day. Conduct live product demonstrations so theyIt can also go a step further by offering customers a code as a reward for watching a Story or snapping a selfie with your product. can understand ATB Directory how the product works. Show your CEO the soul of your company by blowing out their birthday candles. The possibilities are endless, and with the Stories feature on , you can take live video to another level by creating a series of multiple short videos that appeal to your ideal audience.


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