Based on the results obtained

it also has its share of criticism. If the resulting number is greater than zero, you can assume that a majority of the company’s customers would recommend the company. The higher the number, the better it can be considered. NPS is a very popular metric, so it also allows you to compare your results with those obtained by other companies. The NPS method provides valuable information about a company’s customers’ readiness to recommend a service or product. On the other hand, this method has also been criticized because it cannot directly tell whether a customer is satisfied with the service , or whether he is satisfied with a single encounter. The NPS calculation formula has been criticized for the value it assigns to individual numerical options.

At a certain moment

For example, from a respondent’s email list perspective, it seems almost irrelevant whether he answers with the number 6 or 7, even though it has a big impact on the calculation of the NPS number. For example, even if one company’s NPS value is significantly higher than another company’s NPS value and the other company’s NPS value is close to zero, the dispersion of the number of companies can be very close. Without free fields or other questions related to the customer, it also leavesĀ  open to speculation. Many critics also point out that customer loyalty should be measured primarily using real data aggregated from customer purchases,

Information about the reasons for dissatisfaction

Google Tag Manager JuneĀ  Google Tag ATB Directory Manager is a free tool that makes it easy to install tags for various homepages and online stores. In this article, we will explain what the Tag Manager tool does and how to implement it successfully. What is Google Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tool released in 2012 to facilitate the management of tags used on websites. For example, it can be used to install various tags (the term “script” is also used) on a website, such as for Google Analytics visitor tracking or Google Ads advertising. How to activate Tag Manager? After activating the program, the Google Tag Manager tag must be added to the site’s source code, but after that all other changes can be made directly from your own GTM account without touching the site’s source code.

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