Bliive the cooperative social network

Bliive-the-social-cooperative-networkEntrepreneurship is on the rise. And just as several startups are opening every day. Many of them are dedicated to launching alternative social. Networks of all types. Each seeks to offer what has. Not yet been done. Out there. We see specific networks to offer rides, places in houses/resorts, loan of objects, and. Even to find a place on. The sofa in someone’s house during a trip. This time, we’re going to talk about Bliive, the social network that believes that we all have something worth offering. Everything you have to offer is valid there, as long as there is someone who is interested. And the currency of exchange is unique: time. Like this? OBliive wants you to share what you do best with the network, so you can learn the best from others. The more time you volunteer on the platform, the more you earn. In other words. 

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For an hour teaching mathematics, you earn an hour in TimeMoney and spend it. On whatever you want. Today the network has a base of more than 50 thousand people distributed in more. Than 100 countries, accumulating more than 10 thousand exchanges just one year and.F four months after the launch date — an average of Poland Phone Number Data   exchanges daily. There are people of different nationalities and cultures validating. The idea that free time can be converted into something cool without the need to involve money in the process, in addition to the additional pleasure of doing what you like by supporting other people. When you join the network, you already receive a listof suggestions of what people are offering, ranging from Reiki sessions, English classes, or even advice on how to become vegan. In the “Explore” section you will find profiles of people who provide read lengthy posts .

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Their “experience”, that is, what they are best at, in 16 categories that can be filtered by city. He also finds and would like to find someone who offers. Bliive has become known around the world for being one. Of the best applications that are making the world a. Better place by democratizing the knowledge generated. Among its users. Discover the project at  and in this presentation video: Topics . Social Media Excel ROI RECENT POSTS Newsletter Corporate email * We are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy.  Of your data. We will only . Use your personal information to manage your account,  ATB Directory  provide what you request and occasionally send you information. About our products, services and other matters of interest to you. For more information, visit our Privacy Policy.less is more. Your readers are often on the go . So they don’t have time to.

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