6 Quick Ways to Increase Blog Interaction

6 Quick Ways to Increase Blog Interaction


Leave a comment, mention or share an article, subscribe to the newsletter and return to the blog to read other articles. These are some of the ways to engage with your blog, an important element of the Content Marketing strategy . An audience that interacts with your blog is an audience that contributes to publicizing your brand, product or service, becoming, in many cases, your company’s customers. And the best: a customer who, in addition to buying because he already has a relationship with your brand, becomes your ambassador. In this article, we explain how to get more interaction on your blog and why this is important for SEO and the good positioning of your website. blog Why is blog interaction important for SEO? We know how relevant a blog is to the positioning of a website on search engine results pages.

Be Helpful to the Reader

What we sometimes forget is that its relevance is even greater when there is interaction on the part of readers. Blog interaction, or blog engagement, has a very positive impact on the overall performance of a website, contributing to different factors, including SEO. The greater the interaction, the longer the duration of visits, which contributes to the positioning of your blog pages. But there are other reasons that explain the importance of blog engagement for SEO. Sharing articles, for example, in addition to contributing to link building, helps to Cambodia Telegram Number Data increase the number of visits to the website, as well as mentions in social media. Link building shows Google TM that the blog is active and the content is appreciated, which makes the website’s authority grow.

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Make Use of Videos and Podcasts

That very reason it must be unique, useful, creative and attractive enough for visitors to want to share it or mention it on social networks, for example. Analyze your audience, build your buyer personas , identify your goals, examine the competition on digital, plan your strategy, build and finally put your editorial calendar into action, publishing content on a regular basis. Try, through your articles, to offer answers to the needs of your target ATB Directory audience. Be credible in the information you provide and, whenever possible, cite your sources through links. 2. Interact too Sometimes, you need to take the first step yourself. At the end of your article, take the opportunity to ask what the readers think or ask them to leave a comment and always respond. Even the most negative comments are an excellent opportunity to show how your service or product works.


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