But all of these lie in the ability of the relevant

But all of these lie in the ability of the relevant

The difficulty (and the appeal!) of SEO is that you always have to think about different strategies and that there are many ways to achieve your goal. This also applies to in-house tools that are often used by certain agencies to create a unique selling point. “Only we have the SuperduperSEOTool2000 ” is something you often hear. It’s also logical, if it’s the agency’s in-house tool, that only this agency uses it. Of course, there are workflows that make work easier – but they are not game changers that will effortlessly overtake the competition. Anyone who says that is simply not right. So “set the machine to rank” is a myth. No agency has such a jack-of-all-trades. No tool can guarantee a good ranking. Most in-house agency tools are simply self-made reporting tools that use an API to pull data from other tools and then conveniently put it on a screen. Nowadays there is also Google Data Studio for this.

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SEO tool providers out there who are exclusively concerned with developing good tools. Companies like Sistrix , Ryte or Searchmetrics work with dozens of employees every day on good tools for SEOs – why should an SEO agency be able to build something better “on the side”? How do you vet Iraq Phone Number Data an agency? Questions for the future SEO agency Below you will find some useful questions from me that you can ask your future SEO agency. Many questions are not so much used as yes/no questions, but rather to correctly classify the agency . How many customers does each employee serve on average? The number can be less than 10, but also more than 100. If you are one of 100 customers, you can calculate the intensity of support. Of course, it also depends on your budget. But if, for example, you have 2 days of SEO budget per month, then the calculation doesn’t quite add up – because the contact person would then have to work 200 days per month.

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And only have a question every few months, then you might not be in such bad hands with such an agency. However, if you are only one of your contact’s 20 customers with a five-figure budget, then something is definitely wrong. The size of the agency By the way, the size of an agency says Brazil WhatsApp Number List nothing about its quality. Whether just 2 or 50 employees – there is something at every quality level. So far I haven’t been able to discover a preference here. How is billing done? Most agencies work on an hourly or daily rate basis, it feels like at least 95%. Personally, I find flat rates (1,000 euros per month for “SEO All in One Package”) a bit opaque. What exactly is the performance behind it? Payment per keyword is also opaque and usually degenerates into completely unrealistic calculations ( “You pay 10 euros per month for position 8 and 15 euros for position 7,” etc.). These are sales tricks that are intended to show you as a customer: You don’t make advance payments, but only pay if you’re successful.


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