Content Marketing Guide Content Marketing and the Buyer’s Journey

Content Marketing Guide Content Marketing and the Buyer’s Journey

Your Content Marketing Strategy should be based on the characteristics and needs of your buyer personas. However, it is also necessary to consider the Buyer’s Journey phase. The Importance of the Buyer’s Journey The Buyer’s Journey, or buying journey, is the path that each potential customer takes before actually making a purchase. It is essential to understand each step of this journey to deliver the appropriate content across different maturity levels. In order to be able to correspond to all stages, it is essential to complement it with a keyword study to assess what the persona is looking for at each stage. Only then will you be able to create the right digital content, regardless of the material you choose. content-marketing-ea-buyers-journey 1. Top of the Funnel – Attract The buyer persona is in the awareness phase.

Bottom of the Funnel Convert

You have a problem ( pain point ), but you still don’t know how you can solve or overcome it. The main objective here is to educate to attract . First to identify the problem, then to present possible solutions with educational content on the topic. content-marketing-ea-buyers-journey-educate 2. Middle of the Funnel – Engage The persona is looking for France Phone Number Data available solutions to solve their problem and we want you to consider your company’s solutions at this stage. The main purpose of the content at this point is to persuade to engage , presenting the solutions in such a way that they are seen as solving the problem. content-marketing-ea-buyers-journey-persuade 3. Bottom of the Funnel – Convert In the Decision Phase, the buyer persona will opt for a solution, product or service, to solve their initial problem. The main objective of the content in this step is to convince to convert.

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What Should You Retain for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Therefore, you must show that yours is the best solution among all. content-marketing-ea-buyers-journey-convince 4. Beyond the Funnel – Enchant Despite having made a purchase, you should not fail to pay attention to the customer. It’s essential to continue to engage them with appropriate content so that they stay true to your brand and may ATB Directory even recommend it to others. The goal is to enchant them to make them ambassadors of your brand! content-marketing-ea-buyers-journey-enchant-1 What should you retain for an effective Content Marketing Strategy? A good Content Marketing Strategy must focus on the buyer persona, but in a way that is adjusted to their level of maturity along the Buyer’s Journey. Always remember the stage that goes beyond the purchase and also create content to pamper your customer! This is what will keep your brand alive in everyone’s memory.


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