By now you should have a list

By now you should have a list

By now you This kind of content can also attract backlinks because people will cite you if what you say is original or persuasive.  Of decay pages on your site and some ideas on how to improve them. But it’s not a one-off job so how do you incorporate handling content decay into your workflow and process? How to adapt your content process The content marketing process shouldn’t just be about creating new content Allow. Instead you should also strike a balance between updating old content.

There’s no magic formula for this

You have to do a thorough audit to determine which posts ne to be updat and how often to include them in your itorial calendar. You can easily create a spreadsheet with tabs for pages you ne to update, merge deletes, and any pages that ne to be review on a Colombia Mobile Database regular basis. Some businesses spend more time updating existing content than they would spend on new content. It all depends on how much content you already have and how well it performs.

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Maybe you want to review

Your content quarterly or annually. Identify this as part of your content strategy and mark it on your calendar to get it done ahead of time. Final Thoughts Marketers like to say content is king but there is no eternal monarch. Increas competition, algorithm ATB Directory updates, and changes in user behavior can all knock your page off the top spot. But if you create a moat around your content and nurture it over time it will stay ahead of the competition and perform better for a longer period of time.




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