Heading for the Us the Motto of Call Center Bosses

Heading for the Us the Motto of Call Center Bosses

The former managing director of CCA International, Mohamed Slimani, has officially been the General Manager of International Development at Intelcia for several months. The project entrusted to him by Karim Bernoussi and which brought him more than 3 weeks a month to New York and South America, before confinement, is to prepare for the arrival of the Moroccan group on American soil. Indeed, Intelcia, like Webhelp and others, want to join the Sitel, Teleperformance, already installed on site. The USA, the world’s largest BPO and call center market, continues to inspire European market leaders. But to serve the American market, it is in the Philippines, Jamaica or Colombia etc that it is necessary to have contact centers.

At Dinners in Town or with Relatives

To go further, discover the report made at the time of our visit to Casablanca (in 2016). Operations on the African continent are led at Comdata by Didier Manzari. In Casablanca, at Comdata, we have a view of the Marina. Just a few meters from the Hassan II Mosque, what I discovered and glimpsed in the last days of September made me think…of cinema Netherlands WhatsApp Number List and literature. However, I only visited the new CCA international call centers there, located in the chic Marina district. I thought of two of those great films or novels that pass fashions, go through the ages and that we discover in adolescence or sometimes much later, when many friends, who do not know each other, but whose lives have makes us appreciate the safety of judgment, advise us and recommend the same film, the same book.

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Is the Heart Catcher a Masterpiece

Challenged by so many friendly and converging opinions, we then decide to distract a little of our precious time to start the DVD, the Blu Ray, or rummage in the library to extract the folio or, more rarely, something beige, to the sometimes glued pages and whose cover in faded colors says nothing of the earthquake that carries us away, the first past ATB Directory chapters. This visit made me think of Casablanca (the film) and Voyage au Bout de la Nuit (the book). Casablanca, released in 1942, features and brings together Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, in a story that is a fight between vice and virtue. For this film, considered a masterpiece, Warner bought, expensive, a scenario entitled: Everybody comes to Rick’s.


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