This can affect your SEO because

This can affect your SEO because

Have you added a new product or service? Replaced your high-profile employee? Opened a new location? It is critical to account for such changes when revising policies. You might be surprised how many new keywords you can come up with. Another key development is voice-based search, which is becoming more common. , , , , all of these voice-activated tools continue to grow in popularity.  people may ask questions in a different way than typing. Take this very simple example. People might easily type in cheap pizza coupons , but they’re more likely to say something like find cheap pizza near me or tonight’s pizza coupons.

If you want to really prepare

for 2020, make sure to take these differences into account. Related Articles: Personal Strategies Started live streaming a year ago, and with the release of , live streaming went mainstream. If your business isn’t live streaming yet, 2020 is the perfect time to start. That’s because almost any brand  Canada Phone Number List can now go live. If you have a smartphone and an account, you can use , , or any other existing live-streaming app. You’ll need to do a little setup before you hit the go live button, but you don’t need expensive equipment, expensive locations, or anything you need to shoot video.

The great thing about livestreaming

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is that you can have a chance in your favour, simply by streaming a livestream. As you can read in our article on growing your brand through live streaming, data from shows ATB Directory that users spend approximately times as long watching live broadcasts as watching pre-recorded videos. Checking your analytics , etc. Analytics dashboards are extremely powerful tools for perfecting your digital marketing strategy. If you’re only using them to see things like how many people visited your website in the last month, then you’re not getting the most out of your analytics platform.


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