Can my web designer do my SEO? Of course it

Can my web designer do my SEO? Of course it

But the question is, how? It’s best to ask my wife, who wasn’t particularly happy (with the living room). It’s always better to have the task in question done by someone who doesn’t do much else all day. Basically, web designers today are much more fit than before when it comes to SEO. Nevertheless, especially for larger projects, you usually have an agency for web design and implementation and one for online marketing/SEO. Many agencies can do both at the same time. Most of them can usually do one thing or another a little better. Tip: Let a professional do what they can do better. The Seocracy Blog in 2008 The Seocracy blog in .

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Blog gets a new design every 2 years. Is there special web design for SEO? No. A professional website has a professional web design and also professional SEO. But it’s not like you need a specific design to Thailand WhatsApp Number Data be successful on Google. What should I pay attention to in terms of SEO in my web design? Phew, that’s a lot of things. You can find out more about this in my book Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, but I’ll quickly tell you the biggest construction sites: Your website should be easy to read for Googlebot and not hide any elements unintentionally. Your website should be well structured thematically. The menu should be user-friendly and self-explanatory. Does your website load quickly? This is an important point when it comes to SEO. But not the most important one! Your website should be easy to use on mobile devices.

Responsive Webdesign A responsive website

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Responsive web design is standard today. Your source code should be clean: A good heading structure, alt texts and descriptive URLs, as well as necessary meta data (titles, descriptions, canonicals, hreflang, etc.) should be well implemented. And many, many more. As mentioned in the previous Turkey Telegram Number question, web designers have many of these points on their radar, but not all of them.  is standard today. How do I approach a new web design and SEO project? Normally, as an SEO agency, we hold back and only take a look at the first design (in Photoshop or similar). Depending on the requirements and level of knowledge of the web design agency, we then create a catalog of requirements, which we then give to the agency. We’ll really get to work as soon as we get a login to the development environment and are allowed to crawl there.


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