It Was in Tunis in the Contact Centers of Teleperformance

It Was in Tunis in the Contact Centers of Teleperformance

The sentence, famous because of its assonance (the repetition of vowels) which encourages daydreaming, is almost cinematographic, it has also been written: thanks to it, we dive, as with a tracking shot, into the heart of the gardens of this district of Tunis where Flaubert went to write this masterpiece. We invite you on a strange but fascinating journey in the following report, to the heart of the colony of contact centers that Teleperformance has created and built in the heart of the Tunisian capital. Since 2000, the world leader in customer experience has set up there: the Société Tunisienne de Télémarketing was even the first call center opened offshore by the French group, where a certain Jacques Berrebi (who has since retired ). The company then became SMT, the Société Méditerranéenne de Téléservices.

In the Footsteps of Gustave Flaubert

It employs more than 7,000 people on site who have decided, in the footsteps and in the tradition of our national Flaubert, to also attach importance to each of the words spoken, to the intonation of their voice and to the prosody of the sentences spoken (the writer very often “mouthed”, declaiming them very loudly, the sentences he had written in order to Qatar WhatsApp Number List measure the sound effect). They know, helped in this by unique management and working conditions, that every detail counts, that every interaction leaves a mark. Incidentally, they also opted for happiness at work, to make another of our famous writers lie, despite their youth; the one who wrote “I was 20 years old and I will not let anyone say that it is the most beautiful age of life”.

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Is a World Leader Such as TP Ahead of Data Mining

Welcome aboard! In the next issue: In the footsteps of Paul Bowles, in Tangier (with Myopla). Better than a job! We often arrive at Teleperformance thinking that it’s a “job”! The one that will finance our hobbies, our studies… and then finally we stay there because we grow. Up there with colleagues who end up becoming a real family… Teleperformance ATB Directory is daily learning, opportunities for developments in a healthy environment, where everyone, regardless of their position within the company, has the opportunity to express themselves but is above all heard. Teleperformance, not a job but a profession, a passion and a constant commitment. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Gwénael Brillu – © Edouard Jacquinet Meeting with Gwénael Brillu, operations support director, member of the management committee of Teleperformance Tunisia.


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