Christmas Gifts an Opportunity

Christmas Gifts an Opportunity

We can only note that the privileged moment for the purchase of Christmas gifts has evolved in recent years. This observation can be an interesting indicator for both the managers of physical stores and those of e-commerce sites. The majority of people continue to buy Christmas gifts since more than 85% declare it with an average expenditure of more than 300 euros. The following months will tell us more about the impact of inflation. When is the period for buying Christmas gifts? It is not limited, as is often thought, in the last minute rage as this study shows to snatching the last article from another customer.

Purchases Actually Take Place

First half of November 12%, second half of November 17%, during Black Friday 9%, 3 weeks before Christmas 19%, 2 weeks before Christmas 10%, last week before Christmas 5%, last weekend before Christmas (the Saturday 22 or Sunday 23 December) 1%, 24 December 1%. The rumor of the Australia Accountant Email Lists last moment seems to fade in front of a measured attitude of the customers. It must be said that the advertisements, the advantages offered sent by e-mail and the Christmas decorations encourage them to buy upstream. There is therefore a real opportunity to know this behavior to better communicate with customers.

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The Internet and Physical Stores

What do customers choose? Physical stores are not about to disappear even if the trend is more and more to order online or at least. Use it to get information before going to the store. If there is increas competition between the two poles. The observation despite the enthusiasm for the Internet shows that the stores keep the wind in their sails. Over 70% of respondents still prefer in-store purchases. They also exceed ATB Directory purchases on the internet (computer, smartphone or tablet) or 65%. Is your sector preferr? Will your product be elect of the year 2022? Finally, many sectors are impacted because Christmas gifts. They also concern all ages, even if the tendency is to think first of all of children.


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