Cloud Service that makes

Cloud Service that makes

 Sense : Social Intelligence Technology (**) based analytical data service to produce company analytical reports from digital media. Intelligent Video Analytics : A ready-to-use service based on Artificial Intelligence (***) to monitor Live-video to collect attribution, Events, or patterns of specific behavior. Reasons to Choose Cloudeka Now, you know what Cloud services and products are from Cloudeka. So, why should you choose Cloudeka as a Cloud Provider for your company? Here are several reasons why your company needs to choose Cloudeka: in the program. Benefits Salary, Transportation Reimbursement & Credit / facilities while working in the office – (bicycle/electric bicycle, internet, free flow coffee/tea, lunch) Priority is given to recruiting full-time employees.

Local Expertise Cloudeka was

Born from and for Indonesia. This makes Cloudeka an experienced provider for the needs of companies in Indonesia. Cloudeka presents the best solutions to help local companies grow and develop. Communicative As a Cloud service, Cloudeka certainly pays attention to the importance of customer trust. This includes transparent and honest communication, so customers whatsapp database don’t have to worry about hidden services or unexpected charges. Covering a Wide Business Scope Cloudeka opens opportunities for large and small-medium companies to use Cloud services to improve their business. Try At First At No Cost How? Interested in using Cloudeka now? Or do you want to taste it first? Don’t worry, you can do it! Currently, Cloudeka provides free usage with limits that can be said to be quite sufficient for those of you who want to try. 

To try Cloudeka's services you

Simply register an account on the Cloudeka Portal Page using your company email address. Please try it! Conclusion That’s all the article we can share this time. So you know what Cloud Computing technology is and its application at Cloudeka, right? With Cloud technology, building application systems feels lighter because we don’t have to think about server infrastructure anymore. The costs ATB Directory incurred are much cheaper, because you only pay for what you use (P ay as You Go ). For more detailed information about Cloudeka, there’s no harm in visiting the official Cloudeka website . See you in the next interesting article! (*) Containers are a more modern virtualization system compared to Virtual Machines. With a container system, you can manage multiple application environments on one computer easily. 


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