Connect with people in the industry once when we

Connect with people in the industry once when we

WordCamp, joined various Facebook groups and got involved in the WordPress scene. The same applies to the SEO scene, to the real estate industry or to the snap industry. Meet people in person (after the pandemic), go to meetups and conferences. Connect!  is well connected – that’s a fact you should think about. Try to bring your target group to your site repeatedly. This is very easy with a newsletter. If you have great and interesting content, then everyone will want to subscribe! Another simple and cost-effective method is remarketing. Repeat and put all your energy into these four simple points. Do this consistently for at least a year. If you have money, use it to promote your good content. What you have to pay attention to Social media can be good for branding, but it doesn’t have to be Social media is always used for brand building.

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But in your efforts, take a particularly critical look at your reach. A particular social media channel only makes sense for you if you generate the appropriate reach. A fancy picture that you invested two hours Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data of work on will do you very little good if only 20 of your 100 fans see it on Facebook. The biggest flaw in many social media efforts right now, in my opinion, is putting too much work into too little organic reach. It helps more if you spend a little money and place ads. This is how it works very well at the moment: A video with informative, explanatory content to keep costs on Facebook low and reach high. In the case of hunters and gatherers, you can even link to a landing page and get direct conversions. There are inevitable wastages – minimize them! Do you post on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook? Do you write a blog, do a podcast and regularly make videos? Class.

YouTube videos don’t generate any views

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But take the time every now and then and analyze your channels: Which channel is good in terms of effort/return? And which one is less good? Minimize the channels that do little and maximize the ones that Arabia Email List work the most. Check this regularly because things change. Don’t expect too much at the beginning – stick with it is the motto! We have not only gone through something like this once, but experience it often: In the beginning, any effort is very difficult. The reach is non-existent, the magazine articles don’t rank and the.  After the initial euphoria, there is often a phase of disillusionment when after six, nine or twelve months there has not yet been a real breakthrough. But don’t worry! The breakthrough will come at some point. Provided you have addressed your target group correctly and used the right channels. Branding is a process that takes years.


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