Make sure your business is clearly

Make sure your business is clearly

If this approach doesn’t work for a particular blog post, then get creative like we did and permanently attach your name to the content in other ways.  associated with every piece of content you share. The Dark Society Click to Tweet Of course, there are other ways to help combat the dark social. There are certain tools you can use to help measure your dark social. Create an advanced segment in , tracking visitors who came to your site via direct search but didn’t browse your homepage (Social Media Today has detailed instructions on how to do this.

You can also follow dark social

with web tools like , , and . These tools allow you to track copy and paste sharing by adding small code snippets to your website. Another way for businesses to track the source of cut-pasted link traffic is to attach a (tracking module) code to all of their . They can also add backlink functionality  Argentina Phone Number List to their pages, which automatically includes Read More on every cut and pasted text snippet on your site (however, this addition can simply be removed). However, neither of these approaches is foolproof, nor satisfactorily solves the problem of granting credit when it is due.

Of course, one thing to keep

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in mind is that dark social sharing can be beneficial for your brand, such as links shared privately between friends via email or messaging apps. Click-through rates for such shares are usually high because the links come from trusted sources. If a family member or friend emails ATB Directory you a link with the subject line I thought of you when I read this, chances are you’ll click on it even if you haven’t read the entire thing. Your best bet against social darkness is to make every piece of content very clearly yours, whether through the text itself, through graphics, or some other creative means.


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