Continuing ucation Conference

Continuing ucation Conference

Keywords Tazhong ucation. competition. cCompetition. conference.  Tazhong ucation Theme Panel Characters Tazhong ucation Continuing ucation Conference Tazhong ucation Staff This section demonstrates the important role employees in the ucation sector play in the company’s success. Stay tun for five exciting and interesting lectures. The event will take place in the center of Cologne in a few days. The advanc training conference is plann in cooperation with three sponsors. German Marketing Academy. and is divid into three sections with different themes. In addition to the Marketing and Method columns.

Continuing ucation conference

A People section is also available.  market policy Malaysia Mobile Database issues Bridging the skill worker shortage. The work of project managers and expert leaders will cover classic topics in the areas of communication and leadership. Generational divisions and fundamental values. expectations and motivations as well as leadership and communication will be part of the lectures. In addition. the subject blocks of Marketing and Methods offer a great deal of interesting and exciting content. We are looking forward to a fun networking day as part of our continuing ucation. You can find more information on the exact schule.

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