If sentences or sentence fragments have previously appeared on other websites, you will see this in the Quetext report. You will even get links to places where a given fragment has already appeared. Hey, is it worth adding video to product pages? Videos in online stores make the user feel like buying in a stationary store. He can see the product, scale its size, see how the material is arranged It is possible that this will dispel the user’s doubts. According to a Salsify report, of customers return products if they are not as described. If video were included on the page, such problems could probably be avoided.

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However, you need to recalculate whether such a solution is really worth it for you. Preparing a video takes a lot of time and – especially if you outsource it – generates a lot of costs. How about photos (.jpg, webp?) and videos, . links to YT in the description? Isn’t it too much of a burden to load content on mobile? YT links have no effect on loading Latest Mailing Database speed. However, it is different with photos and videos. Images can be very heavy on the page because the page has to load them from the server (although there are ways to do it in a friendlier way). As for the formats, webp is less taxing than jpg, and jpg is less taxing than png. When it comes to movies, it is best to display them, for example, using YT (embed.

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Can I refer to products from another brand in the description? Compare the product to the competition’s equivalent? What do you want to convey? That your products are better than those of your competitors? Legal issues aside, this may not work. In the  description, focus primarily on your own product, its features and benefits for the ATB Directory user. is of high value, that it will solve the user’s problem, dispel his possible doubts. And if you are comparing yourself to the competition, use the best brands as a model and referenc.