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Still can’t find a working RSS feed URL for your favorite Create more  website? If your website really doesn’t support RSS, your best bet is to track social media. There is a possibility to schedule the promotion of social media content in advance, perhaps using the automation tool IFTTT . The best tool to follow blogs Now that you know how to reveal your website’s RSS feed URL, it’s time to find a tool to plug it in.

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Let’s get straight to the good stuff. WatcherSpy industry email list  currently offers the latest and best way to follow blogs. WatcherSpy save Simply put, this is a Chrome extension that allows you to see all the blogs you follow in one feed. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Install WatcherSpy on Google Chrome To install WatcherSpy, you must first create a free account and receive an automatically generated password via email. 

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Just click the Add to Chrome button to get started. Add to ATB Directory  WatcherSpyChrome button save When installing, be sure to pin the extension to the Chrome extension bar. Just click the Extensions button and click Pin Extensions next to WatcherSpy . Pin extensions in Google Chrome save Finally, you need to enter your credentials to activate the extension. This will eventually unlock the app’s main interface. 

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