The Secrets of a Successful Customer Experience

The Secrets of a Successful Customer Experience

What role do the sheep in charge of weeding since 1981 play in the score of 4.9 out of 5 that Domaine Le Roc, a small 35-hectare wine estate, family-run for two generations, can claim on Google My Business? The clientele, both foreign and French, who were able to visit the estate, are delighted… Kseniia Pobedonostseva, Etienne King, Karsten Kaada, Dimitri Romano, Emmanuel Kaiser took the time to give a glowing review, a sign that the he experience of the wine taster is particularly neat at the Ribes. Edward Green, on the other hand, writes that it was worth biking two and a half hours from Toulouse. Electric? The idea is to dig in any case, knowing that the journey represents 32 kilometers from the Pink City via the poetically named Greenway of the Canal des Deux Mers.

When Did the Switch to Organic Take Place

All the grapes will be brought in and the vinifications will then last three weeks, one month. Is it a usual date to finish? This year, it’s early because of the drought. Fifteen days ago, or three weeks in advance depending on the area of ​​the appellation. When the vines budded, we were on a normal period, but with the first heat of May, when the temperature quickly rose to 35 degrees, the vines grew very quickly. How many bottles are produced per year? 150,000 Jordan WhatsApp Number List per year in a good year, and everything is valued in the bottle. We do not make wine in bulk or in boxes. My uncle settled in 1981 on the property purchased by my grandfather. At the time, there were only a few hectares of vines, no buildings, the grapes were sold to the cooperative and there was no vinification.

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What Is Your Opinion on the Fashion for Natural Wines

We are in natural grass; my uncle and my aunt were precursors of this point of view since we realize in recent years that this is what is suitable for the soil to remain alive. When did the switch to organic take place? The transition to organic dates from this year (the conversion of plots takes three years). We had already had a part in organic. Before we had to ATB Directory temporarily abandon the label for technical reasons. It’s back on track! You represent the new generation, what innovations have you brought with your cousin Grégoire? Certainly, we take care more than our parents of all that is digital communication tools. Find and explore new markets, approach the export or marketing of wine. That said, they were quite visionary on technical and cultural practices, and we are quite proud to say so.


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