Der Code of Conduct SEO vom BVDW If you don’t

Der Code of Conduct SEO vom BVDW If you don’t

you can voluntarily and as a member sign a commitment completely free of charge (non-members pay around 1,000 euros once) that you will adhere to certain rules as an SEO agency want to maintain standards. This includes transparent and serious working methods and much more. You can find the Code of Conduct here (PDF) . You can find the signatories of the commitment here. Agencies that want the SEO quality certificate must have previously signed the Code of Conduct. In the event of a (successful) complaint. The voluntary commitment will be declared invalid. To be transparent, I have to say that I am a member of the Code of Conduct Complaints Advisory Board .

As a customer of an agency that has signed the

Code of Conduct, you can complain to the BVDW if your agency violates the Code of Conduct. The Complaints Advisory Board will then help you find an amicable solution with the agency – or, in the USA Phone Number Data worst case, it will revoke the agency’s Code of Conduct. If the agency carries the quality certificate, it automatically loses the seal if the Code of Conduct is lost. The whole thing is more than just a signature, but a real commitment. By the way, there is also a kind of seal for this: Top 100 SEO by iBusiness Many agencies advertise with this logo, among other things iBusiness ‘s Top 100 SEO service providers list shows those service providers that receive the highest visibility rankings for a specific keyword set ( linked here ).

The following factors are also taken into account

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Seal of quality of the company in the SEO area (e.g.: BVDW SEO certificate) SEO lectures given by employees at conferences or industry events in the 12 months before the end of the survey period The UK Phone Number List number of employees Participation in trade fairs and specialist conferences as an exhibitor or sponsor You can find the list of the top 100 SEO service providers here . Another widely seen seal is that of Here, too, there is a visibility ranking that is publicly visible . The criteria are similar to iBusiness, here too there is a list of keywords such as “SEO agency” or “keyword research” that are included in the ranking . You can also present yourself as an agency and provide further information on the respective provider profile .


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