Did you know about our brand

Did you know about our brand

However unlike the rankings of and. still not up to par. but is it necessary. We’ve look at the criteria and creat a checklist that you can design your brand assessment against too! General Requirements for Download List Brand Evaluation Criteria In addition to the general requirements of transparency. validity. reliability. adequacy and objectivity. the criteria also require consideration of financial. behavioral and legal factors. Monetary brand value must express economic interest and be calculat using cash flows. Cash flow.

Millward Brown’s rankings are

Can be measur in terms of revenue. economic China Mobile Number Database surplus. or cost savings.  valuation stipulates the capital value-orient brand valuation. and implements market price-orient or cost-orient methods. You are free to decide which method to use. However. it should be decid according to the purpose of evaluation. value concept and brand characteristics. However. the standards are very detail. especially the approach to capital value-orient procures. From this it can be conclud that its application should have the highest priority. It is also recommend to only use the cost-orient approach if other methods are not applicable. The examination.

The financial aspect of brand

Establish brand values ​​can also be carri out ATB Directory without hesitation by means of a cost-orient approach. Program requirements are discuss in more detail below. management seminars. Brand Valuation Capital Value Method The capital value method is bas on the present value of future after-tax cash flow. discount at an appropriate capitalization rate to value the brand. These cash flows must be attribut to the brand and can be determin using the following methods. Cash Flow Calculation Method Comparison Brand Valuation Quantity Premium Method The volume premium method evaluates cash flow bas on the surplus generat by the volume premium. which represents additional market share attributable only to the brand.


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