BaseLinker This is a system for integrating different e commerce

Order statuses from Shoper are synchroniz with statuses in Firmao so if an order. For example is process this information will also be visible in Firmao thanks to the chang status. Allegro Allegro is an online trading platform that enables transactions.up for sale. Firmao and Allegro integration Firmao syncs with Allegro every minutes. The integration with Allegro is one way orders contractors and products are upload from Allegro to Firmao . As part of this synchronization paid orders are load. On the basis of the buyer from the order a counterparty is creat only if it does not exist if already creat then it is search by name or NIP number.

It provides services to companies from all over

Products are creat from order items. In the case of products the principle is the same as in the case of contractors; a new product will appear in the system if it has not been creat before. If it already exists in the system it is search for and synchroniz by Nepal Mobile Database name. IdoSell IdoSell provides e commerce systems for online stores and accommodations.the European Union mainly in Germany the Czech Republic Great Britain France Slovakia Spain Portugal Hungary Romania and the USA. In IdoSell Shop customers are online stores and wholesalers. IdoSell Booking s clients are owners of apartments vacation homes and small hotels or hostels.

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First of all it allows you to put user own items

Firmao integration with IdoSell Firmao provides one way synchronization with multiple accounts or domains on IdoSell. Synchronization occurs ATB Directory every minutes. Customers products and orders are load into the Firmao system.  platforms and automating the processes that take place in the company. Firmao integration with BaseLinker The integration is one way it allows you to automatically or manually export invoices from BaseLinker to Firmao.

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