Content Marketing Guide 5 Steps to Digital Content Planning

Content Marketing Guide 5 Steps to Digital Content Planning

After defining the Content Marketing Strategy and adapting the type of content to your objectives and the buyer persona , it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! It is at this point that you must gather the entire team that will participate in the creation process and do the Digital Content Planning. 00-5-steps-for-digital-content-planning 1. Organize the Editorial Calendar According to everything you defined in your content marketing strategy , you can define the editorial calendar. You must stipulate what content you will create and when you will publish it. To organize the calendar and optimize the process over time, you can use any format or tool that suits your work team. The most important thing is to create the editorial calendar in advance and assign tasks (and respective deadlines ) to each team member.

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Brainstorm ideas Once the topics to be addressed have been established, gather the team and it’s time to think about the topics! This process can be difficult to unlock, but after “breaking the ice”, really innovative ideas can Hong Kong Phone Number Data emerge to develop valuable digital content. And when the EUREKA! does not appear immediately? 5-steps-for-planning-digital-contents-02 there are some tools you can use to choose. Or analyze the best titles for your blog articles: hubspot’s blog. Topic generator portent’s content idea generator title. Generator blog title generator headline analyzer by. Coschedule on the other hand, if a topic related to your. Products or services is arousing the curiosity of users at that moment, you can. Take advantage of the hype to talk about it and show. How you can help the persona with what your brand has to offer.

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Organize the Editorial Calendar

Search by Themes Having defined the topics you intend to develop, you must “look around”. Read about them, see what has already been done and research your competitors’ approach to the same subject. suggestion-blog-made2web Attention! The goal in this step is not to copy, but to get an idea of ​​what has already been done in each theme so that you. Can produce new and original content that is even more valuable. 5. Create the Content With the editorial calendar, keywords and themes defined, we move on to creating the content! At this stage, each team member must know exactly the tasks to be performed and the deadline for completing them. Regardless ATB Directory of the type of content chosen, everything must be reviewed to avoid failures.


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