Don’t have much SEO knowledge the lesser your

Don’t have much SEO knowledge the lesser your

You learn a lot during the conversations. Agency A says “apples are important,” while agency B is all about pears. Agency C, on the other hand, thinks apples, pears and cherries are important. As a rule, you will soon reach a point that makes you despair because everyone says something different. Hold on Don’t have much Then comes the point at which you can assess the respective agency a little. Then calmly ask, “Everyone else recommends this to me – they don’t, why?” and get deeper and deeper into what actually sets the agencies apart from each other. Don’t have time to call and compare multiple agencies? Consider the hassle, time and money it will cost to search again after a long time.

In a nutshell Check your future agency thoroughly

Contact multiple agencies. The less prior knowledge you have, the more conversations you should have. Try to build up so much knowledge that you can ultimately choose the agency that best suits your needs. Should you Turkey Phone Number Data listen to recommendations from friends? Many customers work with recommendations from friends. This can work well, but it doesn’t have to. Your friend may have completely different standards and value completely different things than you, or he may not be able to correctly assess the quality of the work. When it comes to recommending complex services in the B2B sector, I often get good addresses from acquaintances – but I still check the service provider(s) through their paces myself and do some research on the internet myself . By the way.

I often do it by asking on Facebook or Linkedin

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as a status update: “Who knows a good service provider for XYZ?” This way you get the first good addresses quickly and easily. The best service providers are often mentioned several times, and when there is Thailand Phone Number List such an “accumulation” I take a closer look at them. However, you need a large (Facebook/Linkedin) network for this. An agency calls you in a cold call using cold calling. What should you do? You should be very skeptical. What you need to know is that I am a staunch opponent of cold calling by telephone. In my opinion, an online marketing agency should be able to generate more customers through online marketing.


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