5 Tips to Make the Telephone Approach Effective in B to B

5 Tips to Make the Telephone Approach Effective in B to B

Prepare your approach Don’t launch your salespeople to attack their phones without preparation! Telephone prospecting requires at least some information gathering. It’s about identifying your targets and gleaning the information needed to personalize calls, especially if you’re talking about big contracts. The Internet offers the ideal tool for this preparation. Your salespeople must find the information upstream that will allow them to meet the likely needs of prospects and know how to identify the products or services to offer. In addition, it is necessary to identify the right contact within the companies. Avoid wandering from secretary to secretary! This preparation can represent half of the time devoted to teleprospecting, but it makes it possible to optimize each call.

From Offer to Solution

Your business approach is based on the word “help”. Your sales representatives have been able to identify the needs, they must offer specific assistance to a proven or probable problem. They only have 20 seconds to a minute to hold the attention of their interlocutor by the relevance of their remarks! In a Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists word, they bring the solution to a problem. The professional-to-professional dialogue is very pragmatic. Your salespeople must show pedagogy without excessive coating. In less than two minutes, they must have positioned the offer and have them admit that it constitutes a suitable and competitive solution. Otherwise, they must at least convince their interlocutor of the need for an appointment.

C Level Executive List

Relevant Marketing Materials

First thing to know, the telephone B to B will require several calls or meetings, it is rare that you manage to conclude on the first call. Generally, during the first contact, the client wants more information about your company and its solutions, sometimes even before granting you an appointment. Your sales representatives must be able to send a perfectly studied brochure by e-mail to the interlocutor. This ATB Directory presentation must be explicit, simple, concise and it remains preferable to send it in HTML format rather than in PDF or PPT. If your offers are varied, prefer a detailed sheet per offer rather than a 20-page catalog that your target will never read! Absolutely avoid the simple link to your website.


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