Electronic payment methods: how your company can prepare

Electronic payment methods: how your company can prepare

If you intend to attract new customers and sell more, offering several electronic payment methods is essential. Over the years, these technologies have favor among consumers and retailers, offering more practicality and security. In the following article, we tell you everything you to know about digital payments and card machines. he popularization of plastic cards in the last two decades — and other technological solutions in recent years —, money is no longer physical but is becoming increasingly digital. These are electronic payment methods , which are  by consumers and entrepreneurs. There are several options, which can be  in physical stores, in bars and restaurants, in e-commerce, in delivery , and even by self- people and street vendors. In this sense, it is important to go beyond just a good card machine.

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Credit and debit cards, but there are already several other payment methods that you also need to offer, such as PIX . With so many technologies  on electronic payment methods , explaining what the main options are and how this sector works. Check out more management tips for small and medium-sized businesses The main electronic Mexico Phone Number Data payment methods in Brazil Many entrepreneurs are looking forThe point is that, although plastic cards continue to be important, they are not the only option for your customers. Offering the main electronic payment methods is essential to avoid losing sales. Plastic cards Starting with the method best known to entrepreneurs, we have debit and  cards — which can also be multiple , incorporating both functions in a single piece of plastic.

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Become especially popular in the last two decades. At the turn of the 2010s, acquirers began to operate under several brands (as we will explain further below) . Several companies began to compete for store owners’ preference, offering increasingly affordable card machines — today, almost every merchant can have theirs. In fact, it is  Mexico Phone Number List that more than 11 million machines are in operation in Brazil. According to data from Abecs (Brazilian Association of  Card and Services Companies), 2.4 trillion reais were on these devices in the first three quarters of 2022. Growth is constant, especially in interior cities. That said, it is important to specify that there are several types of cards.


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