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You’ll lose about a third of your viewers in seconds, with minutes in viewers and nearly minutes in minutes. takeout? Make sure your video is a hit from the start and still holds interest at every point. It’s worth noting that despite the ubiquity of , many marketers don’t know how to use their channels to their full potential.  get a lot of views, you might find that your channel isn’t gaining subscribers, or that views drop off dramatically after a while. There are many ways to increase your success on , (read many of our articles on how to get people to watch your , but one of the most important is: Be consistent.

Whether that means posting

one video or six videos per month, consistency goes a long way in gaining followers and gaining traction for your channel. It is for participation. To say it has been a hit would be an understatement when it ventured into live streaming earlier this year. Live streaming is fast becoming a popular way Afghanistan Phone Number List for businesses to showcase product launches, learn about events, hold Q&A sessions, and more. This platform is a great way to build engagement with your brand According to data from , users comment on live videos 2 times more than regular videos, and 1 out of 100 viewers have watched a brand live stream.

If you’re planning to go live

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there are a few steps you can take to ensure success. First, preparation: Make sure your equipment is up and running reliably, and your location is ready. While you’re after ATB Directory immediacy, you still want your stream to look polished. Second, publicity! There’s no point in going live if no one knows it’s happening. Let people know ahead of time when your stream will be live by posting on all social media channels, and continue spreading the word through social media while you’re live.

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