Emailing Success Your Product Industry Connection and MARCO’s first. Emailing Success Beyond  Communication. Program Paula Del Hoyo Written by Paula Del Hoyo. September 20, 2023 at 1:24 p.m. SHARE Twitter Marketing and MARCO. Have joined forces to present a new program under the title. “Beyond Communication”, which has nine episodes. In the first of them we will discover the power of a solid communication. Strategy together with great experts. are Layer 8 of the OSI. Model (Open Systems Interconnection model) . But the OSI model only has 7 layers.


MARCO to analyze good communication : Emailing Success

practices in the industry. In this first episode “Connecting the dots. We are going to industry email list immerse ourselves in the global communication revolution. Discovering how the power of a solid communication strategy can transform companies and communities. The guests of today’s program will offer their point of view on the topic. From their extensive experience and knowledge of the sector. What happened friend? It is true. It only has 7 Layers, but we call layer 8 the user and the truth is that. The majority of systems that are hacked are due to the user’s own fault.

CEO of Corporate Excellence

Center for Reputation Leadership, Ricardo Hernández , Corporate Relations ATB Directory Director. Southern Europe at Diageo and  Head of Iberia at Marco. Will help us learn and connect with the latest trends in the world of communication. In the first block of this program. Knowing how to differentiate between brand and reputation and how internal communication. For better or worse, this is used by some people and could well explain in depth how to “hack” a WordPress.


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