Essential Steps to Host WordPress on AWS

Essential Steps to Host WordPress on AWS

The simple virtual servers that are good for your AWS projects are EC2 instances. To launch this instance, you have to launch a search for a virtual machine option on the main screen of the console. Then choose the type of instance that you want to get launched. You can search for Essential Steps the AWS marketplace on the left-side menu for a simpler process. This marketplace offers hundreds of default machine configurations to use. If you find WordPress setups in the search bar, you will get numerous options to configure from. In this list, you have to search for Certified WordPress.

Now click on Select to Essential Steps

Of this configuration with their hour-based fees. Now click on Continue, and you get to decide on the type of instance you want to use for WordPress Saudi Arabia Phone Number List installation. On this coming page, select the instance hardware (virtual machine) that you need your installation to run. It’s suggested that you should choose t2.micro as per strict budget. Otherwise, you can go to t2.medium. You can choose other options too as per your project’s requirements and goal.

Configure a WordPress Instance

After you get to choose an instance, you can review the configuration. If you are doing the VPS (virtual private server) installation for the first time, you should leave the default settings as it is. This will run WordPress without any error or hurdle. You can also change the default ATB Directory settings if you need to do so. But before doing so, read AWS Essential Steps documentation carefully before changing the settings. Now click on the Next button to check the storage you need. If you go for additional storage requirements, AWS will charge you for this. 


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