Austin that may or may not have been planned

Austin that may or may not have been planned

About potential brand partners and don’t be afraid to get creative. After all, Google and Google had an interesting little giveaway face-off in, but definitely benefited both parties. If these two big brands can do it, and in an unconventional way, so can you. Include offline and online elements in your marketing campaigns. Since experiential marketing is almost by definition offline, it’s a good idea to provide some way for participants to share their experiences online.

Put up a banner with a hashtag

and ask people to post pictures, or hand out free ice cream to people who get a digital coupon by downloading your app on the spot. There are many ways to bring the offline world online and vice versa. Keep it short and sweet. No matter how amazing your experiential marketing campaign is, you USA Phone Number List have to keep it short and sweet. Generally speaking, the most people are willing to give you is a few minutes Enjoying a free sample, voting for a charity with a quick click, or browsing a pop-up store all take the right amount of time.

If you’re asking people to stay

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with you longer than that, you’d better have something amazing for them, you know, like a game that came out at the Super Bowl event in 2010. Experiential marketing ATB Directory can be a very effective way to attract attention to your brand and gain more loyal customers, and even turn some customers into brand advocates. If you’re interested in learning more about interactive marketing, read our article How We Can Get More Reach than a Super Bowl ad without paying a dime for advertising. 10 Ways to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy Right Now By Shama Hyde Category.


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