Google Shopping News You Can Sell for Free on Google

Google Shopping News You Can Sell for Free on Google

Until now, all the results presented in the Shopping tab came from paid campaigns – Google Ads shopping. According to the latest news from Google, the results on this page now also contain organic results. That is, it will continue to be possible to promote paid campaigns, but it opens up the possibility of selling for free on the Google shopping platform. product-listing In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is very good news for e-commerce . With the forced closure of many physical stores, online commerce experienced explosive growth in the first few months of 2020, emerging as an alternative for merchants. In doing so, we hope to give businesses a measure of relief and lay the groundwork for a healthier business ecosystem for the future.

What Are the Benefits for the User

Bill Ready, President of Commerce at Google When will this news be available? This novelty was announced on the 21st of April and it was communicated that it would be implemented later this month for the United States and by the end of the year for the other countries, which means that we still don’t know when it will be launched in Portugal. On the 24th, there were already searches in the United States where you could see organic and paid results New Zealand Phone Number Data on Google Shopping. What could this change mean for your online store? With this change, the Shopping tab now shows paid results – at the top and bottom of the page and organic results among the paid results.

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Streamlined Google Shopping Integration with Other E-Commerce

In both cases, this means that the products are more prominent on Google, increasing visits to product pages and enabling an increase in online sales. What are the benefits for the user? The user also benefits from this new product listing. For those looking for items to buy, the diversity on offer will be incomparably greater. More stores and more products will appear as a result of your searches, which will certainly allow you to find the product you are looking for more quickly. Streamlined Google Shopping integration with other e-commerce platforms ATB Directory Google announced improvements in the integration of information with platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, in order to improve the management of inventories and products.


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