From Loyalty to Loyalty

From Loyalty to Loyalty

Before embarking on a loyalty strategy , it is essential to clearly differentiate the concept of loyalty and that of loyalty. The first is implemented by the company through profiling and measures that will allow the buyer to repeat his act of purchase. As far as loyalty is concerned, it only concerns the customer. This is a decision specific to this one, it depends on your relationship of trust. It involves feelings in the buyer that are primarily driven by an aspect of your business that appeals to them. Often guided by their emotional tendencies , it is difficult to analyze the reasons for their purchases. Targeting its customers to aim accurately As with any marketing practice, it is essential to target your customers correctly.

When Coming to Your Business for

A product or service, customers arrive with specific expectations. For your marketing strategy, it is better to identify their expectations to determine the appropriate target and meet their needs. Then comes loyalty, which can be achieved through knowledge of purchasing criteria. To have more Design Directors Managers Email Lists knowledge about your customer, you can consider carrying out a satisfaction questionnaire using an email, a survey, or a call. With your customer’s criteria that include their preferences, budget and frequency of purchases, you will have an easier time creating a loyalty process. You will be able to offer him what suits him and therefore confirm the expected quality with the perceived quality. Note that disappointment remains the main element that can break a loyalty system.

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Create a Sense of Belonging Loyalty

Essentially based on a promotional approach, but it must also evoke emotions in your customer. Apple is one of the first brands that does not play on promotions but essentially on the emotions it provides. After purchasing the products, consumers are satisfied to belong to a group. To develop this feeling, it is essential to bet on a romance between you and the consumer. He must feel close to your company through its ATB Directory values ​​and its history. By creating an attachment among your customers, you will be better able to retain them. The trust established by feelings leads to repeating the purchase process and which is not necessarily motivated by a promotion. Reward your loyal customers A customer is not sensitive exclusively to a brand. There is occasional and exclusive consumption.


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